Thursday, 8 October 2015

I've Just Seen: Wings of Desire (1987)

Der Himmel uber Berlin (Wings of Desire) (1987)
Director: Wim Wenders

Is it not wonderful when, as you are watching a film, you feel yourself falling in love with it? You are charmed, engrossed, eager to know where it is going, yet enjoying each moment for what it is. That is how I felt watching Wings of Desire, and it feels like a highly appropriate response, considering the amount of love and care there is in the story.

I was reminded of A Matter of Life and Death, Powell and Pressburger's similarly gentle romance, where love between humans is presented as the greatest good in the world. I was not surprised to see others had also the connection. I love black-and-white cinematography, and it was used brilliantly here, making the colour sequences feel even more vibrant. The cast were all great; Peter Falk's performance is lovely, exuding a warmth that recalls his Grandpa in The Princess Bride.

There is so much one could say about this film, particularly about its reflective approach to Berlin's past, and the way certain quiet mysteries are revealed. I cannot recommend this highly enough; it is wonderful both formally and narratively, and made me think of other favourite films of mine in a very positive way. Beautiful.

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