Saturday, 18 July 2015

'That's a quarter of a century. Makes a girl think!'

There is only one way for a cine-lover to spend her birthday, and that is watching her favourite films. What better company is there than Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda? Add to that two childhood favourites in Disney's Aladdin and Fern Gully and you have yourself a pretty good day in from the cold.

Some Like It Hot was especially relevant for this birthday as it includes the above quote: and turning twenty-five really does make a girl think! Mostly about how quickly time is going, and how uncertain my future still is. But hey, no film makes me feel better than Wilder's masterpiece (or one of them, at least). If I ever get to make a film half, or even a quarter as funny and clever as this, I shall feel accomplished.

I loved this film as a child, watching it obsessively for weeks. It is still a favourite now. I sang along to 'Prince Ali' and giggled with my sister at Abu and the Genie; we both agreed that the Genie would be the best role to play of all the characters. The last time I watched it was when Robbin Williams died, and there was that bittersweetness to the ending that the film will now forever have.

I don't know how many of you have seen this film, but it was another favourite from childhood. Having watched it so recently after Pocahontas, a film with a similar plot, I can honestly say that I prefer this film. It has as lovely images (like the above image), and a much better plot (a bit more character development). Fern Gully also has a connection with Aladdin: Robbin Williams and the Sultan's voice make appearances.

I have already written about how clever this film is. Stanwyck's Jean is one of my favourite ladies. Of course I was going to watch this on my birthday. I wish rom-coms were still this funny and sexy, with lasses who sparkled the same way as Stanwyck did. Each time I see this film I notice new little things, like the two telephones Mr Pike has in home, sitting right next to each other. A small moment, but funny nonetheless.

I did not watch this today, but I was given this as a present from my lovely sister. She didn't know I had already seen it, but all that means is I understand how great the present is. Now I can listen to Mark Cousins (with his gorgeous accent) teach me the history of cinema any time I want. Couldn't think of a better present. 

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