Thursday, 2 July 2015

I've Just Seen: Inception (2010)

Inception (2010)
Director: Christopher Nolan

I had seen three-quarters of this film several years ago, and thought it was high time I watched the whole thing. I've enjoyed Nolan's films over the years but would not call myself a 'fan-girl.' I really liked Memento and The Dark Knight and Insomnia, I was not 'grabbed' by them. I had the same reaction to Inception, though it was coupled with a desire to watch the film again in the near future. I know there is stuff I missed!

One part of Nolan's filmmaking that doesn't seem to be talked about as much as his visual style is how good he is with his actors. Of course, when your cast has such people as DiCaprio, Cotillard, Watanabe, Page, Caine (or Pearce, Bale, Ledger and Pacino) you are unlikely to get bad performances. But Nolan gets great performances from them, which helps draw the audience into the world he creates. With Inception, this is vital, as at the heart of the film is DiCaprio's Cobb's grief and how it is holding him hostage.

As to be expected with Nolan the film looks fantastic; I heartily applaud his love of in-camera effects. The corridor scene and the Parisian explosion are highlights, seamless in their presentation. I felt that there was a lot of exposition, all of it necessary in order to construct the world, but for one viewing it was slightly overwhelming. Yet another reason to go back and watch it.

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