Sunday, 13 September 2015

I've Just Seen: Quiz Show (1994)

Quiz Show (1994)

Director: Robert Redford

To say that Quiz Show is a solid movie may sound like I am damning it with faint praise; far from it. Few films have the combination of a very good script (well-structured), supported by very strong performances from all the actors, and great production design. The shots may not be ground-breaking, but they capture the complex relationships between many different characters. Redford is clearly very good at directing actors (being one himself probably helps!). The three main characters are three-dimensional people, with clear motivations and distinct personalities.

The alleged historical inaccuracies are not a worry when the script is this good. Though the film comes close to pushing one to ask the question 'does it really matter, it's just a quiz show!,' the human drama is what keeps you interested.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and wouldn't mind seeing it again. I was never lost as to where we were, or why characters acted in certain ways. Strongly recommended.


  1. This is a terribly forgotten and underrated film. I wish more people knew it.

    1. I agree. As I watched it I felt that it had a degree of intelligence that one doesn't often see in films today.