Saturday, 2 May 2015

A Slight Change of Plan

I have tended to only write long pieces on this blog that are not restrictly reviews of films, but more an analysis of them (or at least my own amateur musings on them). But only doing such things is slow, as it takes time to write them. And, since I started this blog to write about film, I am altering my approach slightly. I will continue to write my longer analyses, but will also do short pieces on the films that I watch. I usually watch a film a day, so expect many more posts.

These posts will go something like this:

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg ( Les Parapluies de Cherbourg) (1964)

Director: Jacques Demy
Writer: Jacques Demy
Notable actors: Catherine Deneuve

I love a good musical, and Umbrellas lived up to, and exceeded my expectations. It was romantic and sweet and very beautiful to look at. The singing was different to most movie musicals, making it feel fresh and different, despite it being 50 years old. My favourite moment was Genevieve and Guy at Cherbourg station, singing 'Je t'aime' and 'Mon amour' to each other, unable to say anything else as Guy leaves for war duty. The colours in the film are gorgeous in their brilliancy, from the sets to the costumes. Guy's home has blues and greens, Genevieve's pinks, purples and blues, while she sports a similar wardrobe.

Why umbrellas? Well, firstly it is the name of Genevieve and her mother's shop (guess what they sell). Symbolically, the umbrellas are similar to the marriages Guy and Genevieve make. They are protection from misery, allowing them to continue on with their lives, helping to block out the pain of separation and loneliness. Or it's just the first one, take your pick.


So, dear readers, these reviews will be light on plot explanation, though not without spoilers. I shall leave it to you to decide if you read them. Feel free comment and agree completely and wholeheartedly with my opinions. Or abuse me for my ignorance and stupidity. Whichever suits you.

Was anyone else charmed by this film?

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