Tuesday, 8 December 2015

I've Just Seen: In a World ... (2013)

In a World ... (2013)


Director: Lake Bell

Australian trailers generally do not have voice overs; they just rely on the highly emotive music which feels like it is shaking you and yelling "Feel the epicness!!!" Despite that, I was aware of the famous use of 'In a world ...' Even if you are not, the opening scene of the film is a blend of actual news footage and faux interviews with Don LaFontaine and those who worked with him. This world is very male, with very deep, resonant voices.

Lake Bell directed, co-produced, wrote and stars in the film, and based on this effort I hope she does more. The script is very witty, and Bell plays Carol well. The rest of the cast are also good, with Fred Melamed a standout as Carol's self-centred father. There is romantic intrigue is two of the sub-plots, but the main story revolves around the voicing of a new trailer for a film which is a very funny parody of all those teenage dystopian stories.

A very clever reflection on long-held normalities in the film industry.

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