Sunday, 16 August 2015

I've Just Seen: Cuban Fury (2014)

Cuban Fury (2014)
Director: James Griffiths

Of all the dance styles I have sampled, ballroom is not one of them. It is not due to a dislike of the style, but there is only so much dancing you can fit into your life when a child. One I am sure I shall try it; the Latin American styles look a heap of fun, if this film is anything to go by. In fact the dance sequences are the best part of the film, though a touch over-edited for my liking.

The plot is about Nick Frost's Bruce being drawn back to salsa dancing as a way to romance Rashida Jones' Julia. The comedy is Britishly broad, and has some rather dated gay gags. The character development is not great, the most notable being Jones, who gets to be adorable and clumsy, but is never given a scene to express how she feels about Bruce. She just likes him because of plot. Not that Bruce isn't likeable, he is, but she is given no real agency. Chris O'Dowd gets to deliver a number of crass jokes and be generally devious.

This is a harmless and forgettably enjoyable film, with no real surprises but some good dance scenes.

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