Friday, 19 June 2015

Where Have I Been?

Frequent readers may have noticed my most recent bout of inactivity. Part of this is because I have not been able to watch as many films as I usually do, and therefore have nothing really to write about (though I have got seven films I have seen but not written about. Watch this space!)

The reason for this absence is film related: I spent the last three weeks doing a film school short course (called the 'Three Week Film School'). It was basically a crash course in filmmaking, culminating this past week with our group making our own short film. I got the opportunity to be 1st Assistant Director, which meant my ability to speak loudly came in handy (I was boss of the set, keeping the schedule running on time (haha.)).

During the past year I have known that I want to work in the film industry, ideally writing and directing my own films. After this course, I still have this dream, but it is now coupled with a simple desire to be on set, any set, watching films being made. I love the process almost as much as the end result, being around the creative people who work so hard to put stories on the big (or small) screen.

As with any educational experience, what I learnt about myself was just as important as the content of the course. I surprised myself with my editing skills, making good choices about shots and compiling them (rather than the more technical aspects of the process). My story instincts seem to be good: all that film watching has paid off! (and made me look like an absolute swot!)

 Of course, the other important part was the lovely people I have met: my new filmmaking tribe! Our group all had skills that were put to good use, and we all encouraged and supported each other. And our wonderful tutor Lucy was the best teacher we could wish for.

So that's where I have been, and where I am going to be: making films. And the great thing about all this? I can classify my film watching as study!

I'll leave you with the video we watched on day one of the course to get us in the mood. Enjoy!

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