Tuesday, 19 January 2016

I've Just Seen: Holiday (1938)

Holiday (1938)


Director: George Cukor

Cary Grant is often the best part of any film he is in; or at least share it with others. Here he is matched again with Katherine Hepburn, who he got entangled up with in Bringing Up Baby. While this doesn't reach the dizzy heights of comedy that film does, an hour and a half spent in the company of these two is rarely boring.

Grant is the lower-class Johnny who has found himself engaged to a member of the wealthy Seton family. Hepburn is sister to the fiancee, Julia (and I must say, I did smile at hearing Grant say my name in that lovely accent of his). While Johnny's ambitions reach only as far as enough money to go on holiday and discover the meaning of life, his fiancee has other plans. Hepburn hates the moneyed drudgery the Setons live under, and finds Johnny's wishes inspiring.

Of course the ending is clear from the beginning, and the right people will eventually find themselves with one another. Though the script isn't full of witty lines it allows Grant and Hepburn to shine, and the supporting characters are all quite funny, especially Johnny's academic friends who laugh at the Seton's grandeur.

Good fun.

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